In Stereo: 3D Imagery with Geoffrey Berliner and Jolene Lupo - February 8-9, 2020


In Stereo: 3D Imagery with Geoffrey Berliner and Jolene Lupo - February 8-9, 2020

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Image © Jolene Lupo


February 8-9, 2020
10 AM - 6 PM

In this workshop, students will learn how to create glass negatives and stereo tintype portraits using the wet plate collodion process.

Stereoscopy, better known as 3D imaging, was all the rage in the mid 19th century. (After all, what other entertainment did they have? There were no movies, radio, television, smart phones, etc.) Stereo pictures are taken by means of a camera with two lenses. This provides two separate images made with two separate lenses that have slightly different perspectives. Although the pictures appear the same, they are not. When looked at in a viewer, which has prismatic lenses, your eyes will blend the two views into one and the brain perceives it in three dimensions.

Day one of the workshop will focus on the techniques of wet plate. Students will learn how to mix chemistry, pour collodion, expose, develop, fix, and varnish their plates. Students will be using 5x7 cameras equipped with antique brass stereo lenses. All cameras, chemicals and materials will be supplied.

The second day of this workshop will be dedicated to printing the stereoscopic glass negatives in the darkroom using gelatin silver methods, mounting them on board, and viewing the created images through plastic viewers.

The tintypes and wet plate negatives will be scanned so that digital media can be produced from these images.

GEOFFREY BERLINER is co-developer and the Executive Director of the Penumbra Foundation. A native New Yorker who was introduced to photography at an early age, his father was an artist, photographer and a public school teacher in New York City. His grandfather graduated from Cooper Union and went on to work for the New York Times as a photographer and photo retoucher. After leaving Harvard University with a Masters degree in religion, Geoffrey left academia to start his own business. After several years, the call of photography and especially large format and alternative photographic processes urged greater involvement in these practices.

JOLENE LUPO is a New York-based photographer and practitioner of historic photographic techniques. She earned a BFA in Photography from the Fashion Institute of Technology in 2011 before working as a studio and fine art photographer. Her work focuses on the intersection between life, death, memory and loss. She has managed the Penumbra Tintype Studio since 2014.


Feature Image © Jolene Lupo