Intermediate Risograph Printing for Photographers - TBA, 2019


Intermediate Risograph Printing for Photographers - TBA, 2019

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Intermediate risograph printing for photographers:

multi-channel and multi-drum color prints

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All programs and events are held at Penumbra Foundation.
36 E. 30th St. New York, NY, 10016
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Image © Winona Barton-Ballentine


Dates: TBA
Saturday & Sunday
10 AM - 6 PM

This two-day workshop offers an in-depth introduction to color reproduction and printing techniques for photographers interested in working with the Risograph printer for both fine-art printing, and book-making. We will explore the four color CMYK subtractive color model used in color printing as well as more experimental approaches to color work and image realization using duotone, duograph, and custom color profiles.  

This is an ideal printing technique for artists/photographers looking to produce small editions of prints and books with a limited budget. Images rendered on the Riso offer a more handmade, interpretive, tactile feel than inkjet or digital laser color printing. They offer a form of sensual and technical photographic printing often lost in the digital printing process. In this workshop students will learn to separate images into multiple color channels and to print with multiple drums colors on the Risograph using adobe files.

Through the group printing experience, students will explore which images work best on the Riso and how to bring a color print to life using the Risograph process. They are encouraged to bring multiples images with different exposures and styles to explore the ways that different kinds of images look when printed using the Riso technique. They will leave the class with a deeper knowledge of both the history, process, and outcome of using this technique, along with at least two multicolor prints or a small single page booklet made using the Riso printer.


WINONA BARTON-BALLENTINE is a photographer and bookmaker. She practices photographic printing of many forms, and often works with the Risograph printer to make both books and prints. Her work focuses on landscape, space, and object history both in and around the home. She received an MFA from and BA in photography from Bard College and The International Center of Photography and was recently the program coordinator for Baxter St at the Camera Club of New York. She has taught photography, bookmaking, and InDesign at the International Center of Photography, Pratt Institute, and SVA. She founded ICP.EDU books, a small publishing imprint at ICP. Her books can be found at Dashwood and Printed Matter in NYC.

Image © Winona Barton-Ballentine




The Risograph printer is a direct descendant of the mimeograph - it functions like a cross between screen printing, inkjet printing, and offset printing. Images are produced with a stencil (referred to as a master) wrapped around a cylinder coated in ink (referred to as a drum). The drum rolls over paper fed through the machine, creating an impression. Each drum corresponds with a color of ink, so one color is laid down at a time. Every subsequent color means a new master and new impressions on the printed stock. Prints can be up to 12"x18" in size.