Digital Platinum with Carl Weese - October 27-28, 2018


Digital Platinum with Carl Weese - October 27-28, 2018

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October 27-28, 2018

10:00 AM - 6:00 PM



Since the 19th Century, platinum prints have offered a photographic tone unsurpassed by any other medium. In this workshop students will combine this capability with 21st Century digital imaging technology. Students will begin by following a procedure to test and calibrate digital negatives from a photo quality inkjet printer that will have the range and tonal scale needed to produce fine Pt/Pd prints. 

The course moves between the digital printer and the Pt/Pd darkroom. Newcomers to the platinum process will learn the basics of coating, exposing, and developing, while students already familiar with the process can get right to work making new prints. 

A general working knowledge of Photoshop is highly recommended. Students can bring their own picture files to work with (16-bit grayscale scans from film or RAW digital captures) and will be encouraged to take new pictures in CAP's daylight studio or the mid-town Manhattan surroundings. Students will be able to make a new photo and turn it into a fine Pt/Pd print in a matter of hours.

CARL WEESE was born in 1949 and grew up in New Jersey. From 1972 to the present, Weese has worked as a freelance photo-illustrator for editorial and corporate clients. His personal photographs have been widely exhibited in group and one-person shows and he is represented by galleries in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Washington and Virginia. He is co-author of the 1998 book The New Platinum Print, an instruction manual on modern approaches to the classic platinum/palladium photographic printing process.

Image © Carl Weese




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