Strategies for the photobook

Saturday and Sunday | February 15th & 16th | 10-5pm | $475

from 403.75

Despite our digitized world—or maybe because of it—the photographic book is considered by many to be the optimal way to experience photographs. As something to hold and behold, the photobook is both visual and tactile. It occupies a conceptual and physical space while eliciting a deep sensory engagement. This weekend workshop is intended for any photographer who wants to acquire strategies for editing and compiling a body of photographs into a concise stand-alone statement—the photographic book. It will focus on intentionality in conveying your ideas within the structure and conventions of bookmaking. We will collectively explore your work and discuss great examples of the medium.

Workshop taught by Ken Schles, whose books, including Invisible City and Night Walk published by Steidl, are considered seminal statements in the medium. He has direct experience with some of the most talked about photographers, photobooks and photobook publishers of the last thirty years. Not only has he designed and edited all his books, he’s advised on many others. His work can be found in over a dozen museum collections throughout the world and is represented by the Howard Greenberg Gallery in NYC.

All images © Ken Schles