"Morgan was terrific - very patient with enlightening tips and reasoning and showing me quantifiable aspects and several ah-ha! moments." - Cynthia M. August, 2014

Creating negatives in a digital darkroom has revolutionized the alternative photographic process world where instant edibility and correction can be done in minutes to achieve the perfect negative. 

During this introduction to digital negatives, students will learn how to set up the digital darkroom, scanners, printers, input mediums, software and output media. Determining densities will be covered extensively and used with a singular process that can be applied to many more. 

It is highly advantageous for students to have a working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop. Some basics will be covered but many techniques require the student to be comfortable with the software. 

Students are to bring a laptop with Adobe Photoshop installed, RAW color corrected digital files, and scanned Tiff files. 

At the end of this workshop, students will leave with saved curves and prints that can be applied and adjusted for working with kallitypes. You will learn techniques that can be applied to Gum Bichromate, Kallitype, Cyanotype, Platinum, Palladium, VanDyke, Gravure and many other processes.


MORGAN POST has been a large format wet plate photographer and educator for the past seven years. Post holds a MFA degree from Utah State University, a BFA degree from the School Of Visual Arts, and an Associates Degree from Maine Media Workshops. He has worked extensively as a fine art and commercial photographer & digital artist in both Los Angeles and New York. He is currently teaching at Long Island University Brooklyn, Center For Alternative Photography and Fairfield University. morganpoststudio.com

Image © Morgan Post