One Day
$95 | Members $85.50

This workshop will introduce students to the proper safety measures when mixing, storing and using various chemicals.  

Instructor Morgan Post will demonstrate how to mix chemistry for Cyanotypes, Vandykes, Albumen, Salt Printing, Wet Plate Collodion, Kallitypes and Platinum/Palladium and its many developers.

This course will answer questions like: Can I mix this type of acid with this type of chemical?  Is it safe to store this in a hot darkroom?  How does humidity affect the longevity of this dry chemical?  Can I pour this down the drain?  

Highly recommended for all who consider themselves alternative process professionals!

MORGAN POST has been a large format wet plate photographer and educator for the past seven years. Post holds a MFA degree from Utah State University, a BFA degree from the School Of Visual Arts, and an Associates Degree from Maine Media Workshops. He has worked extensively as a fine art and commercial photographer & digital artist in both Los Angeles and New York. He is currently teaching at Long Island University Brooklyn, Center For Alternative Photography and Fairfield University.