The versatile and painterly bromoil process is a printing method that combines the arts of photography, printmaking, and painting. In this workshop, students will learn the process from start to finish. 

The Bromoil process begins by bleaching a black and white silver gelatin print to remove the silver. Lithographic ink is then applied with a brush or roller to replace the silver in the print. Any color or combination of colors can be used. Each piece is individually inked by hand; therefore no two prints are identical. 

In the early 1900’s, bromoil was favored by pictorial photographers who used it to add ‘artistic rendering’ to their work. For Pictorialists, creating a unique print was held in high esteem, and with the bromoil process they were able to create prints with such an affected appearance, they were occasionally mistaken for paintings.   

No prior experience is required. Photographers with interest in alternative printing methods. 

All materials are provided, but students should bring either film or digital negatives (35mm, 120, 4x5, 8x10 format). 

Participants are responsible for their own sleep accommodations. 


JOY GOLDKIND currently resides in St. James, NY. She graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC in 1963. She has exhibited in numerous venues across the country and internationally including a solo exhibition at the Museo Nationale Della Fotographia in Italy, where a permanent collection of her work is now held. Joy’s photographs have graced the covers of international publications and magazines such as Silver Shotz and Eyemazing. Her work has also been featured in B&W Magazine, Photolife, Zoom Magazine, Color and View Camera Magazine.

Image © Joy Goldkind