Rediscover Central Park, one of the most widely photographed parks in New York history!

On this day trip, participants will be using 4x5" cameras to gain experience taking photos in the field and properly expose, compose and take full advantage of large format film.

Attendees are encouraged to bring their own gear, and are welcome to ask questions in order to create a sustainable workflow to fulfill their personal practice. 

MONICA JANE FRISELL is a photographer living and working in New York City. Frisell works predominantly in analog film photography. Putting emphasis on darkroom practice, Frisell has run Evergreen photography facilities in Olympia, Washington for two years. Over the last few years, Frisell has been gathering stories and portraits in an attempt to meld her art practice with elements of documentary. In 2015, while in Nepal, she documented domestic workers with interviews and portraits. During her ongoing project “Looking Forward: Portraits from an RV” she continues this practice in order to present a contemporary portrait of America. 

Feature Image Courtesy Monica Jane Frisell