Thursday, March 8th 7:00PM

Book Presentation and Signing with Chilean Photographer  


in conversation with Victor Sira & Leandro Villaro

Introduction by Professor Ángeles Donoso MACAYA


"I lived under the military for seventeen years. In my 20’s I discovered photography, got married and divorced. Life wasn’t easy, it has never been. But we knew the territory (it was, and still is, ours too) and we managed to stay alive. Even in this climate of political violence we struggled to tell stories to our children. We lit candles, sometimes on birthdays, sometimes at funerals.

Photography is its social circulation, and Chilean photography of the 80’s has circulated mostly as a weapon of resistance. I belong to that factory, cultural collectives where we worked long hours to produce and expose what we felt was an untold reality. Photography was one of the best tools available to us. 

The fact that in Chile we live in a democracy today is only possible because life went on. If you tell a story about people dancing during the dark 80’s, you are under suspicion of being a fascist, or at least a collaborator. So I tried to write this story in a more complex way, with double pages as panoramas, diptychs in dialogue that propose new meanings in this politically incorrect underworld, seen from today with new layers exposed. This series is part of a broader work in progress, which has both exhibition and photobook versions."

Luis Weintein, 2018

Luis Weinstein (Santiago, Chile, 1957) is a photographer, teacher, cultural agent, curator, journalist and television presenter. He was the producer of the Chilean photography festivals FotoAmérica and FiFV (Festival Internacional de Fotografía de Valparaíso). Weinstein is a member of the AFI collective (Asociación de Fotógrafos Independientes) and was its president in 1983. He has produced, in Chile, the exhibitions of photographers Robert Doisneau, Cartier-Bresson, Robert Frank, and Sergio Larrain. Weinstein has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions and published eight photography books: Luis Weinstein (Ediciones económicas de Fotografía Chilena,1983); Panamericana 5 Sur (Fundación de Bellas Artes, 2005); Breve Historia Natural (2008); Aritmética Americana (CenFoto, 2012); Esto ha sido (2014); Se vende ilusiones (CenFoto, 2016); Apuntes del Edén (CenFoto, 2017) and Toque de queda (CenFoto, 2018).


Ángeles Donoso Macaya is Associate Professor of Spanish at BMCC/City University of New York. Her research interests include Latino/a American photography theory and history, documentary film, contemporary literature from the Southern Cone and Mexico, and performance art from the Americas. At present, she is completing a book manuscript about Chilean photographic practices under dictatorship (under contract with U Florida Press). She is a regular contributor of ATLAS Imaginarios visuales and has published articles about contemporary Latin American literature, photography and visual studies in academic journals (VazantesAmerican QuarterlyAisthesisChasquiRevista Hispánica ModernaLaFuga Revista de Cine) and collective volumes, including Photography and Its Publics (Bloomsbury, forthcoming) Technology, Literature, and Digital Culture in Latin America (Routledge, 2016), and Des/memorias: culturas y prácticas mnemónicas en América Latina y el Caribe (Linkgua, 2016).

Victor Sira is a Venezuela-born artist/photographer whose work has been the recipient of numerous fellowships, including the Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship and the New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship. He curated the show Photography Book Dummies at the School of International Center of Photography. His work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions, including the Rencontres d’Arles 2005 and the show De l’Europe in Luxemburg 2007. Sira is on the faculty at the ICP-Bard MFA Advanced Photographic Studies Program in New York, where he teaches the course The Book: Imaginary Studio, A Non Stop Process.

Leandro Villaro is a photographer, editor and the Director of Programs at Penumbra Foundation. Under the imprint antennae collection he has published limited editions of the work of several Argentinian artists. He has collaborated with numerous photographic institutions in the United States and Latin America and is a member of the Board of Directors at the W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund in New York.


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