Saturday & Sunday, 10am-6pm: October 13-14, 2018.


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Since the 19th Century, platinum/palladium prints have offered photographic tone unsurpassed by any photographic medium. Some of history’s most celebrated photographers have worked with the Pt/Pd because of the wide tonality, incredible detail and permanence attainable through this hand-crafted process.

The combination of the Pt/Pd printing processes with the latest in Leica products is the focus of this workshop. The blending of this historical process with the sharpness, depth and clarity that can be created with Leica products presents unequaled creative possibilities.

The entire process from creating an optimized digital negative, contact printing, processing and presenting a final print will be discussed. Students will learn to work up their own files in Photoshop to make digital negatives targeted for Pt/Pd printing.

Topics covered include:

  • A brief history of the process.

  • Creating digital negatives from Leica digital camera.

  • Preparation of hand-coated paper

  • Contact printing using UV-light

  • Materials and equipment

The course moves between the digital darkroom and the printing room. Everyone will first learn the digital negative-making system. Then newcomers to the platinum process will learn the basics of coating, exposing, and developing, while students already familiar with the process can get right to work making new prints.

Who should attend this program?

Anyone interested in combining the quality of Leica camera with platinum printing is welcome to attend. Owners of the Leica Mononchrom are highly encouraged to sign up, as the files from these cameras are very impressive.

Owning a Leica is NOT required for this program. A selection of Leica M & SL cameras will be available for your use and testing.


Carl Weese  is a fine art photographer, freelance photo-illustrator, writer and a leading instructor in the practice of alternative processes. His personal photographs have been widely exhibited in group and one-person shows throughout the United States. He is co-author of the 1998 book The New Platinum Print, an instruction manual on modern approaches to the classic platinum/palladium photographic printing process.

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