The application for the 2017 Penumbra Workspace Program is now closed. CHECK BACK IN THE FALL OF 2017 TO APPLY FOR THE 2018 WORKSPACE PROGRAM.

Click here to read carefully the description, benefits, eligibility, requirements, application and selection process.



This program is made possible by the generous support of ROZ LEIBOWITZ



Thanks to the following artists for their support to Penumbra Foundation and in particular to the Penumbra Workspace Program:

David Hilliard, Rachel Perry, Tanya Marcuse, Andrew Moore, Paula McCartney, Dillon DeWaters, Jon Goodman, Lothar Osterburg, Unai San Martin, Carl Weese, Lisa Elmaleh, Victor Sira, Sarah Palmer, Yamini Nayar, Marina Berio, Bryan Whitney, John Dugdale, Joni Sternbach, John Cyr, Beth Ganz, Jeff Liao, Binh Dahn and Brenton Hamilton.